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Clutter May Be Toxic For You

Have you seen the unscripted television shows about people who hoard things? How does it make you feel when you see all the garbage in the homes and sometime, yards? Stress? Negative? On edge? Doubt? Can you relate?


If you can stand to watch until the last part of the of the show, you will usually get to see, more often than not, the house and yard are both hoard-free, well-cleaned, and everything in the home and yard is in living order once more.


Is that how you feel when you see your own disorganized area or maybe your overabundance of things? Regardless of whether it's a little mess to clean up, or a huge undertaking, you feel pressure, bedlam, and a failure to concentrate on even where to begin. Sometimes you may feel overwhelmed. Too overwhelmed to even get started on the cleanup.


Clutter removes significant space you could be using. Areas you likely haven't been able to get to or utilize for quite a while. By eliminating the messiness, you can at long last utilize those things you searched for and couldn't find. The things you really needed were hidden away in all the STUFF. There's the rake I just replaced! There's my favorite softball bat!


Clutter and hoarding may even diminish what your home, garage, warehouse, shed, barn, and more is really worth. There could be dampness causing mold or rot that you're no seeing because it's hidden away under everything. Rodents such as rats, roaches and snakes appreciate the home you're providing for them under and behind all that mess.


The bright side of this is that organizing a removal of all the unneeded things can really create positive space and energy. It can be a renewing of the mind. Set aside a few days or hours. Make a list of all the items you absolutely don't need, don't want, or can't stand, and trow them out! Give them to charity! Recycle them! Just let go of the junk and under no circumstances, change your mind when you decide to get rid of something.


When you finally make that move to purge the clutter, you can reorganize those areas and find needed things again. You can create smart storage areas. You'll have more time for life because you won't be searching over and over for that one important thing you couldn't find before you decluttered!


Meritage Medical Network states: "Organizing your home and clearing clutter does a lot more than just make it look clean. It can lower your stress levels, help you eat and sleep better, and make you more productive. Plus, it can help clear your mind and give you the energy you need to get through the day."

Clearing Clutter: The Benefits of an Organized Life¦

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